Julien Coudray 1588 Sport: the first sports brand

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Julien Coudray has unveiled its fourth collection: 1588 Sport. This timepiece of 41 mm titanium and red gold, very successful, is equipped with a gauge 'in-house' directed as always for this manufacture of exception, in the same metal as the housing... Dedicated to lovers of beautiful mechanical (with wheels), this timepiece can be reproduced on the oscillating weight, your license plate number.

Happy chosen few had been able to foresee this novelty on the occasion of the salon Belles Montres in Paris last winter. Others could try it in the manufacture in Switzerland just before Christmas... Today, she is finally officially unveiled! The new Julien Coudray watch is a sports 41 mm (5N) titanium and red gold dedicated to lovers of fine cars.

Many watch brands are getting into the world of automotive... Two worlds that intersect and intertwine all novelties and years. The lovers of cars on wheels being often, also, lovers of watchmaking. Nowadays, unable to reference all the partnerships existing between these two passions typically male.

Fabien Lamarche, designer of the new Fake watches uk model however wanted to go further and offer to those who love their car, a 'little more' single. Indeed, with the purchase of this lightweight exception model, you will have the opportunity to appear on the oscillating red gold, the reproduction of the number of your license plate in red gold massif and fire large email. What will make your totally unique timepieces and most importantly, very personal.

As always with Julien Coudray, calibre is made from the same materials as the housing. In this case, this automatic calibre 'in-house' (more than 55 hours of battery life) is therefore made of titanium grade 5 and 18K rose gold. A beautiful feat when you know how much this Titanium is difficult to machine. Beyond the technical challenge, this allows this watch to be extremely light; only the presence of the red gold comes somewhat "weighing".

The red gold dial displays cartridges domed titanium extruded figures and beautiful needles Steel Blued. Sophistication ultimate (and clean in Julien Coudray) detail, the service at 12 o'clock indicator window shows after four years of use, a drawing gold enamelled representing a drop of oil, meaning the wearer that the watch must undergo an interview. Remains to be seen if this revision will be "sync" with his car...

In a few years, Lange & Söhne has managed to position itself in the circle very very limited considered trademarks as "safe values. Only big names such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet or Audemars Piguet can be proud to belong to this small group which is counted on the fingers of one hand...

The 1815 of the Saxon Manufactory model between undoubtedly compete with a Calatrava from Patek Philippe. Same simplicity, same sobriety, same classicism and reasonable size... All these ingredients make this model a shows essential Replica tag heuer watches and indispensable in a collection of parts very high end... As this timepiece holds well the side of auction sales on the market...

"Meden agan - nothing too" said the maxim of antiquity on the pediment of the temple of Delphi for encouraging the right measure and modesty. Ferdinand A. Lange, founder of Saxon precision watchmaking could make its currency.

Its construction, the 1815 is also emblematic of the style of the legendary this illustrious watchmaker pocket watches. They indeed obey the principle that he championed: "any product, as simple it is, must be able to meet with consistency and reliability that is expected of them. A philosophy which applies also to the 1815 watch. Every detail of its timeless design and each of the 188 components of its manufacture calibre Lange "has its aesthetic charm to the alliance between the technique and the craftsmanship" ensures the brand in its release.

The housing of 38.5 millimeters in diameter (yellow, gray or pink) Gold responds to the desire of many watch enthusiasts. It undoubtedly, returns to 'classics' watches, to more reasonable sizes. However, the version of 40 millimeters in diameter is always available...

With its two levels and the small seconds at 6 o'clock, the solid silver dial recalls Lange pocket watches. This impression is accentuated by the presence of a slightly raised bezel and the thin horns. A "railway" type timer, Black Arabic numerals and blued steel needles come complete this classic aesthetic and ensure optimal readability on the silver background.

The Lange L051.1 manual winding caliber is equipped with a 55-hour power reserve and the components of the movement, always artfully decorated, are inseparable from the art of watchmaking Lange. A glance through the Sapphire allows you to admire a large number of characteristics to Lange: the Platinum three quarters in untreated nickel, cocks of pendulum engraved by hand, the screw press, spring Swan neck, kittens in screwed gold and thermally blued screws.

Currently, only a few thousand watches in gold and Platinum (L & S does not produce steel or titanium well obviously) leave the Lange workshops each year. They are exclusively animated by movements developed by the manufacture of Glashütte, artfully decorated and assembled by hand. With more than forty calibers, Lange is assured in a little more than twenty years a leading position in the circle of the best brands of the world.

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